In today’s world we find ourselves increasingly distanced from the sorts of experiences and skills our ancestors would have considered commonplace. We can go for days without actually interacting with much at all in any tangible way. An act as simple as putting pen to paper can be an act of rebellion against our modern experience devoid of tactile stimuli. The idea of learning by doing and work as meditation have become lost in the background noise of social media and our smartphone culture. Tactile traditions was created to be a quiet corner of the web where those so inclined can relax and learn about the traditional skills it was once needful to know and I believe still add great value to the lives of those who practice them. It also serves as an outlet to find the high value items that hearken back to a simpler time and allow us to experience that time even if only for a short while. At tactile traditions we believe in living life intentionally, in choosing what we will devote our life energy to, and in prioritizing those moments in life that allow us to engage not only our minds but also our hands in experiencing each moment fully. For the romantic in each of us tactile traditions is a window to the feel of a fountain pen on a blank page, the glide of a razor sharp pocketknife through wood, and the skills to face life with a can do attitude equipped with the knowledge of tradition. We recognize that we live in a modern era of technology and embrace the advancements it brings, we also recognize that technology has the potential to separate us from each other and from ourselves. In reaching for traditional tools and skills we hope to reconnect with our tactile selves and with each other as we sit around a campfire we built ourselves whittling a toy for the child beside us and sharing the stories of our days with others who “get it”. Life is meant to be lived on purpose and the conscious practice of traditional skills and the tools used can create a tangible link to all those who came before. By taking the time to intentionally do it the hard way we create in ourselves the joy of creating with our own hands and the quiet strength of those who know, it has been done before and I will do it again, linking our hands with those of a hundred generations who faced the world and shaped themselves to meet it.




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